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Kitchen Cabinet Know-how

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When purchasing a new kitchen the obvious place to start is to choose the doors, as these will affect the style of the kitchen, but it is worth ensuring that the cabinets behind those doors are good quality too.  Here are some top tips on what to look for:

  • how the cabinet is made – the more well made the cabinet is, the stronger it will be and the longer it will last.  It will also hold up better under the weight of heavy worktop, such as granite.  Consider ready assembled cabinets, as they are put together using the glue and dowel technique which results in a strong, rigid carcass.
  • what the cabinet is made of – the quality of materials used inevitably affects the quality of the finished product.  Choose cabinets built with high density, melamine chipboard with solid backings.
  • what is inside – poor quality fixings can result in doors dropping and drawers that don’t open properly.  Look out for good quality, branded fixings, such as Blum or Salice.
  • adjustable features – walls and floors are never perfectly straight or flat.  Ensure your cabinets are supplied with fully adjustable legs and hanging brackets, so the cabinets can be fine tuned to fit the space perfectly.
  • service void – this is a gap behind base cabinets that allows room for pipework.  Although not an essential this will save time and money by making the installation easier and not having to bring services through a cabinet or wall.

Here at Fitakitchen we pride ourselves on the quality of our cabinets, because we know that quality cabinets result in a quality kitchen – one that not only looks great, but one which will last longer too.

For more information about kitchen cabinets and Fitakitchen’s cabinet specifications, please read our Buyer’s Guide: Kitchen Cabinets – what do I need to know?