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Why Choose Fitakitchen?

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What can Fitakitchen offer me? What can I get from Fitakitchen that I can’t find elsewhere? If I choose Fitakitchen am I getting value for money?

Choosing and buying a new kitchen is not like buying a new pair of shoes. It takes considerably more time and money for a start! And chances are you will have to live with your choice for a good ten years or more.

Most people when they start out looking for a kitchen will have a rough idea of what they are looking for and it’s always worth shopping around, especially for an expensive purchase like a kitchen.  The next question then is, ‘Which kitchen company am I going to purchase from?’

So to help you get a feel for what Fitakitchen has to offer, here are our top 5 reasons to buy from Fitakitchen:

  1. Hand built in the UK – we use a UK-based door manufacturer and our cabinetry is hand built in Yorkshire.
  2. Made to order – when a customer places an order their chosen cabinetry will be made especially for them.
  3. High quality materials – we are confident you will find the quality of our doors and cabinets to be excellent.
  4. High quality finish – we pay attention to detail, wherever possible the cabinets will match the doors.
  5. Competitive price – we know (because we’ve checked) that ‘like-for-like’ you will find our prices compare favourably with the High Street.

And all this delivered direct to your door, ready assembled with the doors attached, on a mutually agreed date.

For further information about what we have to offer, please read our Buyer’s Guide – Why Buy from Fitakitchen?