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Designing your Kitchen

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Designing a new kitchen is no simple task; not only do you want it to look good, but it has to be functional too.  You may not feel you have the confidence to draft your own design and many high street kitchen retailers offer a free design service.  But beware of ‘off-the-shelf’ and ‘one-size-fits-all’ designs from unqualified designers!  There’s no doubt there’s a lot to think about and a good designer can really help you to utilise the space effectively.  But we think it’s worth approaching a new kitchen design project with some clear ideas.  You also need to be prepared to compromise, so we recommend you do your homework first.

To help you get started, here are our 5 steps to designing your new dream kitchen:

  1. Decide on a style – give some thought to the overall look you’d like to achieve.  This is the fun bit.  Look at lots of images in books, magazines and the internet and get a feel for the kitchen style that suits you.
  2. Plan the layout – create a sketch of the kitchen plan.  This is the tricky bit.  Measure your space accurately and your plan out to scale, you can do this on graph paper or use one of the free online software applications (try www.Floorplanner.com).
  3. Choose a kitchen range – once you’ve got your style and plan sorted, it’s time to start shopping!  You’ll need to think carefully about your budget at this stage too.
  4. Maximize storage – to ensure your kitchen is functional as well as stunning, make sure you give lots of thought to storage.  It’s worth thinking about all the things you have that need to be stored in the kitchen and deciding exactly where you will put them all.
  5. Add unique detailing – finally, the finishing touches.  Make your kitchen uniquely yours by including accessories to suit your style.  If you can, splash out with bespoke details in splash-backs, taps, lighting and handles.

Here at Fitakitchen we have nearly 15 years experience of designing kitchens and because we also have experience of installing kitchens too, we are well placed to advise on kitchen design.  If you have a kitchen plan you would like us to look at for you or would like help in drawing up a shopping list, please contact us on enquiries@fitakitchen.com.

For further information on designing your own kitchen, read our Buyer’s Guide – Designing your Kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Know-how

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When purchasing a new kitchen the obvious place to start is to choose the doors, as these will affect the style of the kitchen, but it is worth ensuring that the cabinets behind those doors are good quality too.  Here are some top tips on what to look for:

  • how the cabinet is made – the more well made the cabinet is, the stronger it will be and the longer it will last.  It will also hold up better under the weight of heavy worktop, such as granite.  Consider ready assembled cabinets, as they are put together using the glue and dowel technique which results in a strong, rigid carcass.
  • what the cabinet is made of – the quality of materials used inevitably affects the quality of the finished product.  Choose cabinets built with high density, melamine chipboard with solid backings.
  • what is inside – poor quality fixings can result in doors dropping and drawers that don’t open properly.  Look out for good quality, branded fixings, such as Blum or Salice.
  • adjustable features – walls and floors are never perfectly straight or flat.  Ensure your cabinets are supplied with fully adjustable legs and hanging brackets, so the cabinets can be fine tuned to fit the space perfectly.
  • service void – this is a gap behind base cabinets that allows room for pipework.  Although not an essential this will save time and money by making the installation easier and not having to bring services through a cabinet or wall.

Here at Fitakitchen we pride ourselves on the quality of our cabinets, because we know that quality cabinets result in a quality kitchen – one that not only looks great, but one which will last longer too.

For more information about kitchen cabinets and Fitakitchen’s cabinet specifications, please read our Buyer’s Guide: Kitchen Cabinets – what do I need to know?


Updating an existing kitchen

Here at Fitakitchen we usually sell our kitchens with the cabinetry ready assembled and doors from the chosen range attached.  Which is great if you’re looking to replace your kitchen, as the quality of the hand-built cabinetry is better than any flat pack and we pay extra special attention to the details – like matching the cabinet colour to the doors.

But what about if you just want to upgrade your kitchen; replace a few doors, change the handles or add a couple of new cabinets?

We can help here too!  We recognise that not everyone has the time or the money for the expense and hassle of a whole new kitchen.  So should you need a few handles or some accessories you can place an order via our website – and if it comes to less than £150 we will post out to you for free.

However, if you have a special request, such as an unusual sized cabinet or some cabinets without doors, please drop us a line on 0844 318 3814 or at enquiries@fitakitchen.com and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Why Choose Fitakitchen?

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What can Fitakitchen offer me? What can I get from Fitakitchen that I can’t find elsewhere? If I choose Fitakitchen am I getting value for money?

Choosing and buying a new kitchen is not like buying a new pair of shoes. It takes considerably more time and money for a start! And chances are you will have to live with your choice for a good ten years or more.

Most people when they start out looking for a kitchen will have a rough idea of what they are looking for and it’s always worth shopping around, especially for an expensive purchase like a kitchen.  The next question then is, ‘Which kitchen company am I going to purchase from?’

So to help you get a feel for what Fitakitchen has to offer, here are our top 5 reasons to buy from Fitakitchen:

  1. Hand built in the UK – we use a UK-based door manufacturer and our cabinetry is hand built in Yorkshire.
  2. Made to order – when a customer places an order their chosen cabinetry will be made especially for them.
  3. High quality materials – we are confident you will find the quality of our doors and cabinets to be excellent.
  4. High quality finish – we pay attention to detail, wherever possible the cabinets will match the doors.
  5. Competitive price – we know (because we’ve checked) that ‘like-for-like’ you will find our prices compare favourably with the High Street.

And all this delivered direct to your door, ready assembled with the doors attached, on a mutually agreed date.

For further information about what we have to offer, please read our Buyer’s Guide – Why Buy from Fitakitchen?


Additional New Ranges

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So here they are, our next two new ranges: Florence and Georgia.

These are painted ranges and come in a choice of four paint colours – porcelain, stone, mussel and light grey.  And you will find them under the Painted and Stained section.

They both represent a modern take on the traditional Shaker style, with clean lines and a sleek finish. Georgia is very simple and stylish; Florence has the added detail of internal beading, which would perfectly suit a traditional look kitchen.

Images below: Left – Georgia in Light Grey. Right – Florence in Porcelain and Stone)

Georgia LT GY_Main 640x390 FLORENCE_TRAD_MAIN


Increased Choice with New Ranges

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This month we have included 3 new ranges on our site.

The first are two new colours which have been added to the Strada Gloss ranges – Cashmere (shown below on the left) and Light Grey (right).

Strada Gloss Cashmere (3) Strada Gloss Light Grey (3)

The Strada ranges have handleless doors and drawers in a high quality mirror-like finish.  With internal and external curved doors as an option, these ranges really do offer the chance to achieve a sleek, modern look.

The third new range is Clonmel Oak sanded – this is unfinished, but shown below finished in a light oak stain.

Clonmel light oak (2)

We’re really excited about being able to offer this range, as we believe it gives you the chance to create something truly unique.  There really is no limit to what you could do with this unfinished range – paint it or stain it any colour you like, create a work of art, use blackboard paint, wallpaper, photos; quite literally anything you like, just remember to varnish it to keep it waterproof and looking good.  To save yourself time, pair the doors with accessories from another Clonmel range with a ready stained or painted finish.

Coming soon, two completely new painted ranges…


Follow Us

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Here at Fitakitchen we regularly use Facebook and Twitter to share news of our latest offers and promotions. We also use them to highlight industry trends, share useful information and to provide lots of ideas for achieving your dream kitchen.

In a similar way we use Pinterest to share lots and lots of colour images of kitchens, kitchen storage ideas, kitchen gadgets and of course recipes – after all we want you to have a dream kitchen that you enjoy using!

For those of you who are networkers, we can also be found on LinkedIn where we aim to share news about our business and the kitchen sector in general.

So if you’re a Facebook fan, tweet on Twitter or love to ‘link’ (sorry, that was a bit cheesy!), please like, follow and/or link to us. We promise to post and share lots of relevant, interesting and, occasionally fun, facts and information about kitchens.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find direct links to each of our social media pages.


How can I find a reliable kitchen fitter?

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Buying a new kitchen can be both a stressful and an enjoyable process. But however hard you work on choosing the kitchen range and getting the design right, the end result can be ruined by a poor fit. So how do you go about finding a fitter who will ensure your finished kitchen looks amazing?

Here are our top 5 tips to finding a fitter:

1. Ask for personal recommendations – contact family, friends, colleagues, friends-of-friends, anyone you can think of. Use social media to reach a wide range of people.

2. Check out a range of sources – look out for local fitters advertising in community magazines and leaflets.  Find out about local networking groups.  Go online and look for kitchen forums where you can advertise and have a look at the Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installers – www.ikbbi.org.uk.

3. Check out references – if you haven’t had a personal recommendation (and even if you have) ask to see pictures of previous projects and speak to a couple of previous customers. If the fitter can’t or won’t give you access to someone who can vouch for the quality of their work think twice about using them.

4. Ask the right questions – when you find a potential fitter meet with them face-to-face and find out about their availability, experience, area they cover, working arrangements and project costs.

5. Do your homework – be aware of what fitting a new kitchen involves.  For example, it will almost certainly involve plumbing, gas and electric work, and if your fitter is not qualified to do this you will need to employer others who are.

Read the full article in our buyer’s guide – Finding a Fitter.

We are compiling a directory for the use of customers looking for a reliable, local kitchen fitter. If you use someone who you would be willing to recommend to other people, please let us know and we will include them in our directory.


Fitakitchen.com Highlights

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Here at Fitakitchen we’re incredibly proud of our professional-looking website and, if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve been having a good look round.  However familiar you may be with the site, we’d like to give some pointers about how to use it and bits we think you shouldn’t miss.

Placing an order

Placing an order really couldn’t be simpler, but before you do, you need to have made a couple of important decisions.  Firstly, you need to decide which kitchen range is the one for you.  We’ve tried to make choosing as easy as possible with lots of colour photographs, but if you’re still not sure order a sample door or two to help with the final decision.  Secondly, you need to decide what you want your finished kitchen design to look like and have mapped this out.  You’ll need to accurately measure your kitchen and know what units you need.  If necessary, get help from a professional!

Once you’ve made these decisions, the ordering process is simple.  Navigate to your chosen range by clicking on ‘Contemporary’, ‘Painted and Stained’ or ‘Traditional’ and click on the image for the range.  Next click on the dropdown lists to chose your units, housings, drawer units and accessories.  Make sure you choose the rights sizes and numbers of units and simply ‘add to basket’.  The contents of your basket will display down the right-hand side of the page, so you can keep track.  Then either navigate to pay for your kitchen or save your basket contents to come back to later.

Don’t miss

The Gallery where we’ve put lots and lots of additional images to help you get ideas and choose your kitchen range.

The Frequently Asked Questions where, hopefully, you will find the answers to any questions you might have.  If not, you can contact us directly at enquiries@fitakitchen.com

The Buying Guides where we’ve included useful information that we hope will be helpful to you when buying a kitchen, which we’re continually adding to.

The Terms and Conditions where we’ve included all the important information for you when you place an order.


So who are Fitakitchen?

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We are an established family-run business with nearly 15 years’ experience of design and installation within the kitchen industry.

We developed our approach to become a web-based supply-only business to give those who wish to source their own high quality kitchen furniture an opportunity to purchase products direct online at realistic and competitive prices.  We genuinely believe we are offering an excellent product range and that you cannot obtain units of comparable high quality at a cheaper price. Read more.

So how did it all start?

Our story starts in 2001 when a change of career was needed for one of our directors, to reduce the stress of working in a demanding job that was sapping his energy levels.  Although he wanted to work in home building and renovation, it was really by chance that he found himself as an apprentice kitchen fitter.  From there he found himself running his own business designing, supplying and installing kitchens.  It is the evolution of this business that you see today.  Read more.

So what do we do?

Well, we supply kitchens – cabinets, doors and matching accessories.  We don’t supply worktops and appliances (yet!), but we intend to ensure our website provides you with as much information as you might need when building a kitchen.  Our cabinets are made to order and delivered direct to our customers from the factory in the UK.  Here not only are the cabinets manufactured and assembled, but the doors drilled, hinged and attached to the cabinets.  Any handles ordered will be included with your delivery. However, they are not ready attached as it is a very personal choice as to where they are positioned.

What kitchen ranges do we supply?

Our choice of door ranges is not one you will find in many outlets in the UK, so we are confident in offering you something a little different.  To make the search for the perfect kitchen as easy as possible, we have divided our ranges into three categories – Contemporary, Painted and Stained, and Traditional.  If you know what you’re looking for the chances are you will find it pretty quickly, otherwise we recommend taking a bit of time to browse all the ranges to find your perfect fit.  To help you do this we have provided lots of colour photos, but if you’d like a closer look we recommend you order a sample door (at a cost of £30 incl. p&p, which we will refund if you order a kitchen).  Shop now.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site!